Frozen 2 brings chills to the cinema crowd

While Disney+ sets sail on a successful streaming app, Walt Disney Animation Studios recently released a sequel to the Frozen movies. Frozen 2 was released on November 22, 2019, to all United States cinemas and after only two weeks acquired more than $700 million dollars. The movie has mostly the same characters from the first movie with a few new characters and higher emphasis on Anna and Elsa’s parents.

Students’ opinions were taken to light on the subject of Frozen 2 and its comparison to the original release of Frozen from 2013. Caroline Thompson (11) said she was surprised with Frozen 2’s storyline, “This sequel was deeper and more mature than the first one.” In Caroline’s words, “Frozen 2 was a super chill movie.” In regards to the music, Sara Siebehaar (12) thought it was “more emotional but not as good as that of the first movie.”

Frozen 2 was a super chill movie.”

— Caroline Thompson


I agree with Caroline’s remark on the story’s unfolding and depth. This sequel doubles as a prequel in the sense that the story of Queen Iduna and King Agnarr is a higher focal point. In the first movie, we don’t see much of them. The plot contains vivid scenes in which Kristoff sings and expresses his love for Anna.

Peyton Kiser (12) expressed is excitement for the release and said, “I went and watched it the day it came out – best decision ever made.” He said the outcome and humor was “fun and light-hearted.”  

Frozen 2 is projected to release on DVD and Amazon in February 2020. Frozen 2 will also be released on Disney+ in late June of 2020. It is predicted to stay streaming in AMC Cinemas for another month. From the record-setting outcome to the public and students opinions, Frozen 2 is a Graham High approved movie!