Junior musician discusses his passion for music

Ronizane Christian (11) has an exceptional love and talent for music. He is a member of Big G Marching Band, and jazz band. HIs love for music started when he was growing up. “Ever since I was listening to albums with my dad and riding around in his car, “Picking up on those sounds and instruments just stuck with me because I like to play by ear,” he says. He stated that he can read music but it’s not his prefered method. He can hear the notes better than what he sees on paper. 

Christian has been playing guitar since he was 12. He taught himself how to play every instrument. Bass guitar, drums, ukulele, and mandalin are among some of the instruments that he plays.

He made his own guitar all by hand with tools. He stated that he made his own because he has a creative side. “I like to play music but I also like to create things as well. I like to do all kinds of forms of art,” Christian says. He used pine and oak to make it. Some of the tools he used were a router and a drill, plus a screwdriver and guitar electronics. He researched from different guitar brands to see how they make their instruments compared to other competitors. 

Christian said that his band has changed names several times. He stated that the name is hard to understand and say for some people. Kurodove is the name, but he thinks it’s hard for people to pronounce. The simplified name is Powerhouse. The band started playing together in 6th grade. They play rock, funk, progressive rock, and heavy metal. He thinks that they just play a wide variety of music. On his own, he normally plays 60s, 70s, or 90s music. He also likes the funk genre. His inspirations are Jimi Hendrix, Junior Walker, Freddie Mercury, Jerry Lee Lewis, and several others. 

He does lots of research about each genre of music. He can often tell which note someone is playing. When he walks into band class, he states that it’s easy to pick up where he left off and where everyone else is. He can tell which note and key students are in just by listening to them. Christian is a very experienced musician. Look for his band at the next talent show.