Students speak up about their tattoos

The 21st century has advanced our society. One thing that has become more highly accepted is tattoos. Tattoos were used in ancient societies as an art form. In today’s time, tattoos have evolved into becoming part of one’s identity or personality. They can tell a story about someone’s life or be displayed for aesthetic purposes. 

Several students of Graham High have tattoos and proudly spoke about the controversy behind them. Kayin Carson (12) recently got a tattoo on his left forearm. It is a verse from the bible, Isaiah 54:17. He says, “The older generation seems to be more judgemental about getting tattoos. I think they add a lot to your character.” In regards to the meaning of tattoos, Kayin thinks, “It should be contemplated on for a good while before you fully decide to get one.”

Some students claim they’ve experienced a few push-backs after getting a tattoo. Tori Coburn (12) has the solar system on her torso and says, “My dad was quite displeased at first. Especially with him being a preacher and all.” She likes that “tattoos help express yourself and show who you are.

Tattoos help express yourself and show who you are.”

— Tori Coburn

” Both Tori and Kayin plan on adding to their tattoo in the near future. 

Brody Meadows (10) tatted his left bicep with Phillipians 3:14. He loves the originality of tattoos and its acceptance in our society today. In Brody”s opinion, “The older generation tends to correlate tattoos with the stereotypical rebellious person. I feel millenials have contributed to making tattoos and piercings a normalcy.” He doesn’t plan on getting any more for a while as he experienced some judgement from his aunt, “ She hadn’t found out about it until two weeks after I got it… she was quite upset about it but is learning to come to terms with it. “