Intern learns how to be guidance counselor


Graham High School has lessons for everyone that walks it’s halls, teenagers and adults alike. Mrs. Laura Hrovatic is one adult that is at GHS to finish her education. She is at Graham to finish her internship for Liberty University. 

Mrs. Hrovatic is working to get her masters of education in school counseling. She wants to work for Tazewell County Public Schools next year as a guidance counselor. She wants to work with high schoolers and would prefer to work at GHS. She said, “Graham High School has been my favorite so far. The students and the staff are amazing.” She was previously at Tazewell Primary, which teaches students Pre-K through second grade. The smaller children provided an entirely different atmosphere for Mrs. Hrovatic.  

Mrs. Hrovatic has been impressed with how the student body supports each other. She feels like she has been able to get a really good insight into the issues that students face. She is surprised by the problems that the students are facing; she is specifically surprised by the depth of the issues that the students face. “The biggest surprise was the maturity level of the students. Even though I have taught in the school system and have children of my own, maturity surprised me. Even the little children have a worldliness that is a little surprising. The older students have problems that they are willing to talk about that shows how mature and complex the problems are,” said Mrs. Hrovatic. 

The advice Mrs. Hrovatic would give is to “utilize all the resources available to you, and make sure that you follow through with everything you are required to do, but also be sure take all the information in. Watching people with experience is one of the best ways to learn. I have been lucky that my supervisors have been very patient with me and let me try things.” 

Mrs. Hrovatic will be done with her internship at the beginning of May, so she will be with GHS almost to the end of the year. GHS provides opportunities to so many people, students and adults alike.