Students prepare to register for next year’s classes

The time of the year has arrived to pick the new classes for the 2020-2021 school year. On Monday, January 27, there was a new assembly that GHS hasn’t done before. It discussed the general topic of the ABCs, but also new classes. Several different teachers spoke in front of students about their classes, and different steps and opportunities they could take for their futures.

Mrs. Emily Cook says that she wants to make sure that everyone gets the best schedule that they possibly can.

“Whenever you choose your classes, we hope that you won’t just think about what will be the easiest or whatever your friends are taking. We want you to think about your long-term goals“”

— Emily Cook

she says. She stated that the faculty did the new assemblies to inform the students about different classes that they can take. Her personal advice for students is to sign up for the classes that you need to graduate, and to choose a class that helps you grow as a person.

Mr. Jason Hayes has a new class idea for GHS. It’s an entrepreneurship class. The state of Virginia already has the class set, according to Hayes. It has the standards set with it. He’s trying to get it approved here in the local area with Tazewell County so he can offer it to the students. The class would go over the paperwork that one has to go through with the states, particularly through Virginia, along with how to get money and resources to start the business. His business law class is just for one semester, but he wants it to be for the whole year. 

“There’s just too much information to try to fit into one semester, “ Hayes said. He goes over the history of law, including the constitution. They break it down into courtroom procedures, marriage law, and do mock court trials. Haye’s advice is to pick a class that you’ll enjoy, something that you’re going to have fun with. 

Theatre has made its triumphant return this school year. The last time it was here was during Mr. Helton’s last year at Graham, which was four years ago. Helton was the previous theater teacher. Ms. Beth Tinsley teaches it now. In this class, students study the art of theater and acting. Students do different skits and acts from plays. They put everything they learn into new assignments each week, from scripts to creating the scenes themselves. They do musicals and stage combat. “Every aspect of acting is rolled into a year long class. Each week they do something new and cover new topics and they get to figure out how to work together and separately and conquer their fears of being in front of people,” Tinsley said.

Journalism is an elective class taught by Mrs. Libby Metcalfe through the English department. In this class, students get the possibility of experiencing a newsroom. The website is at The staff write one article each week and then they publish them on the website. Some of the features on the website include Photo of the Day, polls, sports scroller, and an advice column. Articles even contain a lot of the student’s own opinions about certain subjects, whether it be for world issues, or just school events.

Mrs. Jenny Woodward teaches English 12, in which they do business writing and portfolios. It’s a real project and the students could actually show them to their future employers. In Dual Enrollment, they are reading a controversial novel called “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. She’s teaching her students about why it’s controversial and why it has been banned so many times. The students get college credit for dual classes. In Human Growth and Development, they’re learning about different pieces of technology that one would use as a teacher. 

Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Proffitt are starting the 2020-2021 class registration within this week and next week. There are lots of classes and opportunities for students to consider. Students should pick classes that are fun, but also ones that are beneficial to our futures and what they need to graduate.