Should sports teams become coed?

In all of sports history, it has always, traditionally, been boys teams and girls teams. Only recently have certain recreational leagues and some school teams added coed teams while still having boys and girls teams separated. One of the first recorded history of coed teams was back in the 1900s during the Summer Olympics, with croquet being mixed. 

Graham’s only coed teams are the cheer and golf teams. All sports teams at the school are required to have a girls and boys team for each sport, unless it’s coed, which would make all sports even again.

The argument on whether teams should switch over to coed still goes on, despite having coed teams exist. Some believe coed shouldn’t be a thing because of the physical differences between men and women and that sexism would occur. “I think it goes pretty well how it does now. A guy would probably be a starter over a girl, but that doesn’t mean that a woman can’t be better than a man, but that would probably happen. I think it’s kind of good to keep it separated, let them have their own thing,” Michael Akers (10) said. Ryan Cregger (11) says, “I’m not sexist or anything, but I just don’t believe that it would be fair. There are some big guys and small girls. The girls would be sitting on the bench while the big guys are playing,”

Although there is the possibility of sexism, some say it wouldn’t stop women from working hard to prove men wrong. “Teams should be coed. Sometimes when guys work with girls, it pushes us girls to get better and sometimes we just work better as a team. I feel like sometimes guys think there better than girls, but we just have to prove them wrong,” Ajani Wade (9) said. Rebecca Philips (10) says, “It honestly depends on the preference of the person. There could be sexism in some places and none in others.”

Savannah Doss (9) said, “The pros would be that girls can get a lot stronger.”

Others believe that it will help prove that men and women are equal. Rachel White (9) says, “Sports should be coed. Sometimes we underestimate guys and girls in certain sports. We should all just come together.” Rebecca Philips (10) also agrees, saying, “It would be beneficial because of the diversity, but we’ve always had the traditional way so it just depends.” 

There are some theories on why sports should and shouldn’t be coed, “I guess some people wouldn’t want coed because it’s always just been girl and boy teams for so long and they want to stick with what’s traditional,” Rachel White (9)