Senior Pep Club leaders dare to shave their heads for Project Grad

On February 10, five senior guys voluntarily had their heads shaved during the Graham vs. Lebanon varsity basketball game at Graham Middle School. The contestants were Frankie Wilkinson, Hayden Morgan, Colin Dixon, Austin Sluss, and Hunter Stroupe.  The pep club leaders decided this would be a good fundraiser for Project Grad. The only way the students would go through with the idea was if the community raised $1,000. An anonymous donation of $800 made this event possible. 

The event has been anticipated by the student body for several weeks. It took

two licensed hairdressers, parent’s permission, and school board approval to be successfully executed. Austin Sluss says, “ We initially wanted Colin to get his head shaved. And then we figured why not get the community in on it.” In regards to convincing everyone to agree to this, Hunter Stroupe said, “We all agreed we’d do it so long as everyone was held accountable and went through with it. Thankfully, no one is baking out on it.”





It was most difficult for Colin Dixon to be convinced of the idea, “I’m not sad about it anymore, I’ve kind of accepted it. I’m just ready for it to be over and be able to sleep in longer without waking up early to fix my hair up.” Colin claims he hasn’t cut his hair at all in a year and said, “ I haven’t had a buzz cut since sixth grade.”

Before the halftime show, Hayden Morgan and Frankie Wilkinson voiced their nerves and excitement. Frankie was more ecstatic for the event, “I’m excited for this. It’ll be a different look but the $1,000 for Project Grad is worth it.” When asked if he was nervous, he said, “Nah, I’ll be fine, I got my boys with me.” Contrarily, Hayden seemed quite nervous about it, “

I honestly thought I was ready, but now, honest to God, I feel sick right now. I’m very nervous.”

— Hayden Morgan

I honestly thought I was ready, but now, honest to God, I feel sick right now. I’m very nervous.”

 After the hairdressers finished their job, the five seniors felt and looked fresh and clean. Hunter said, “This is a new beginning and fresh cut for all of us, period.” The pep club leaders brought a new idea and tradition to the school and ultimately have become Graham’s new trend-setters.