Big G Band performs at Walt Disney World


Kim Calfee

The students of the Big G Band made their mark at Disney. They marched in a parade, recorded music, and got to experience many different things. They had been planning this trip for awhile. They left on Wednesday, February 6 and returned on Sunday, February 9. They were there for three days total.  The total cost for students alone was $37,000. Students did their own fundraising for this trip. Most of them only had to pay $600 or even $100. The parade was on Saturday, and they were the only band that marched that day. They did music from The Pirates of the Caribbean. Mr. Chuck Yost, band director,  said that the students picked the music. They practiced for a total of three days. The parade was very crowded with several thousand people. Yost figured the trip would go well because the kids are very well-behaved. 

The students got to work with a Disney musician named Rich Ervin. The band recorded parts from the Moana soundtrack. The workshop was called “You’re Instrumental.” They did sightreading as well. They got to see the Blue Man Group in concert and visit Disney and Universal Studios.

Lucy Hurley (10) had to mentally prepare herself to be with all of the students for “forever.” She enjoyed the trip. “It was a really fun experience, and we got to meet a lot of new people,” she said. She stated that during the parade she tripped up a few times. There were railings that the workers at Disney didn’t mention to the students. She practiced at home by going over specific measures. She got to meet Minnie Mouse, which she said was great because she loves Minnie Mouse. 

Grace Beaman (12) cried when she first saw The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. She loves Harry Potter. She waited last minute to pack her things. She enjoyed the trip because it was the most unstressed she’d felt in her four years of high school. She said that she messed up a few times during the parade, but she felt everyone did good for what they had. Her special experiences were meeting Jack Sparrow and going to Harry Potter World. “I got screamed at by stormtroopers,” she said. She yelled, “Join the Resistance.” The stormtroopers responded with “We’ll be watching you.”

Ethan Smith (11) packed for about three days and made sure he didn’t forget anything because he’s normally the person who forgets things. He said the trip was a lot of fun because of his friends and getting out of Bluefield for a bit. When asked about the parade, he stated that he did pretty good. “I can’t speak for everyone, but I think I did good.” Blake Carter (9) stated that this trip was some of the most fun that he’s had in his life. He thinks that he did decent in the parade. 

The Big G Band worked very hard and practiced a lot to be able to make this trip happen. They played music, and got to experience things that they’d not experienced before. Hopefully, the band will continue to go back to Disney and perform and make lots of good memories.