Forensics competes at THS

After months of the team practicing, Forensics competed on February 13 at Tazewell High School. All the students performed one piece three times that day for six different judges in various classrooms. 

Derek Cruise (10) placed fourth place, making him an alternate. Meaning, if someone gets pulled out, he has a chance to move on. Cruise performed “The Bear Snores On,” by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman, a children’s book that he’s had since he was a young boy. Although he is excited to possibly be moving on, he said “I’m sad that I’m the only one moving on because I know how much effort my friends put into their acts, and I’m a little nervous about representing the school on my own, but it’s definitely not something I plan to do carelessly. I’ll give it my all.”

Ms. Tinsley, the coach, says “My team performed very well, but the judges are very subjective, so it’s what they prefer. There’s not like a set of critiques that they follow. They didn’t place as I hoped but they performed very well.”

All the students worked together at practice by giving each other critiques to help others out. The students performed in front of teachers and in some classes to see how their performances were. “I loved practices, they were so much fun. I loved seeing how well everyone was improving. Working with each other really helps. Getting someone else’s opinion is very beneficial,” Deanna Grossi (12) says. “Just practicing in front of people and getting everyone’s opinions on how to improve helped. I also practiced in front of the mirror to see how it looked and tried and figured out what else could make it look better,” Grossi says. 

After two years of trying to get on the team, Grossi finally made it. Although she had a fun time, she stated “I’m sad this is my last year. I’ve only been to competition once and I feel like if I went more, I would have made more friends and would have performed better than I did.” Grossi performed “Getting through the M’s” by Celeste Lebeaux.

“My favorite part about the competition was being with my new friends,” Grace Aiello (12) says. Aiello also loved participating on the team, “Everyone on the team was so supportive, and it was amazing to watch all of us grow.” Aiello performed in the category of storytelling with her piece being “Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl” by Barbara Park.

A few members mostly enjoyed watching other people perform their stories. “I like getting to see other people’s acts and seeing what they did with their pieces,” Andrea Heffinger (12) says. Heffinger and her brother Jared performed “Romeo and Juliet in Hollywood” in the category comedy duo.  Grossi said, “Going to competition was so cool because everyone’s pieces were unique and they all did it so well.” 

Rebecca Smith (11) also agrees that watching others perform was one of her favorite parts of the competition. Smith performed a sad piece called “I Love Lucy” and is excited to do that again next year.