Inanimate objects represent students

If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why? 


Kayin Carson (12) said, “I would want to be like a gold chain or some chain on a rapper’s neck”. He explained how he would like to be shown off and looked at very nicely. 


Coach Hayes would be a wall inside the Oval Office so he could observe what happens behind the scenes. 


Lindsey Billips (11) said, “I would be a starting block at the Olympic pool in Tokyo because it’d be really cool to be so close to all the swimmers.”  


Marissa Copolo (11) said, “I would be a mirror because most people like to look in the mirror, so that being said I would think they’re paying attention to me so I would always have company.”  


Elaine Tinio (11) said, “A pillow because who doesn’t love pillows or Kim Jong Un’s wristwatch to see the stuff that’s happening over there or a lamp so I could light up people’s day.”  


“A potato and no one needs a reason to be a potato because it’s a freaking potato,” Shraddha Patel (11) said, “and since potatoes have a skin, are we potatoes? These are the real questions we should be asking ourselves”.  


“I’d be a fictional book so I can entertain people for a little while, but I’m also not that serious,” Jonathan Du (12) said, “I’m also susceptible to fire.”


Caroline Thompson (11) said, “A hat so I can look down on people.”


Darrah Young (11) said, “A form of currency so I could travel around the country and perhaps the world.” 


Ms. Beth Tinsley said, “I’d be a boat because I know I’d always be on the water where I love it.”


“I would be a megaphone because even though I’m not that big, I can make a lot of noise when I want to,” said Mrs. Debra Brewster.