Flooding devastates the county

Weather is unpredictable. There are ways that we try to predict it, but sometimes we don’t have time to prepare. This is what happened in Richlands. Tazewell County has been victim to hours and days of rain. This has caused many different places to flood and cause damage to the area. Of the flooded areas, Richlands has been hit very hard.

The weather the past few weeks has been nothing but rain and more rain. The weather stations had predicted the rain, but they didn’t know the extent of the damages to be done. Tazewell County prepared for the rain, but nothing can prepare for massive flooding. The lower parts of Richlands were covered with water, leading to damages of houses, roads, and vehicles. These damages caused people to be displaced from their regular lives. 

“I have not been affected by the flooding, but I know people who have,”said Chance Dawson (12). With the higher elevation, Bluefield was hit less hard with the rain. There were spots of flooding in Bluefield, but nothing like the damages done in Richlands

Graham High School is helping by raising money for a hat day on Friday, February 21. All of the proceeds from the hat day will go to the flooding damages and help the people of Richlands. Teachers also had the opportunity to pay for a jeans pass; this money was also donated. Even though they are a rival school, we must help them in times of need. Hats will be able to be worn if students bring in one dollar. “I believe we need to help others in times of need,” said Trey Knowles(11)

Tazewell County was closed Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th. They were also on a two-hour late schedule for the entire week of February 10-14. The schools were closed because of the dangerous conditions in the area. The two-hour delay was necessary because the water takes time to recede. The schools were given a week to recover and let students have a break.

There are many ways that students can help the people of Richlands. Students and teachers can bring a hat and wear it on hat day,  visit the flooded areas and provide help, and  donate to the flood relief programs. When in times of need, we must do our best to help others. “We need to do our part in helping our community,” said Ben White (12).