Stinson draws her way onto Webtoon


Leandra Stinson

The cover of OPAL, which depicts the main character named Andy.

Leandra Stinson  (10) has many different aspirations which she shares on a public interface for her artwork. Stinson has a webcomic on an app called Webtoon. Webtoon is a mobile, free webcomic app that features millions of comics. Sign up is free by using an email or other socials such as Facebook. Her comic’s name is OPAL. The summary is two half-demon teenagers are put in the hands of a group of ordinary Earth teens after going haywire in their own dimension. It’s under the categories of action and supernatural. OPAL has three episodes so far. It takes her about 30 minutes to an hour to draw out one panel for OPAL.

Her inspiration from the comic came from different cartoons and from a craving of her own to create her own story. “I really want to go into animation when I grow up, and I love graphic novels. I wanted to create something that involved both,” she said. Animated characters with a story like cartoons have always grabbed her attention. Shows with real people just don’t keep her attention more because it’s a whole new world that she gets to learn about. 

She likes looking at all of the different colors. It’s aesthetically pleasing to her. “I just can’t pay attention to shows with the real world in it,” she stated. That is her goal with OPAL. She wants readers to be able to learn about this new world. “It’s still Earth. But it’s not the same Earth as ours, I guess. It’s got different things to it,” she says. She wants people to see into this world that she has created. 

On her Instagram, Leandra posts a variety of different things. Her account handle on Instagram is spacepastrii. On Webtoon, her user is Pastrii. She posts her art on her account. She likes to keep it  “her characters only.” Sometimes she likes to draw characters she likes from tv shows. “That seems to get a lot of attention because other people are into that stuff too,” she said. She stated that her followers like fan art more than original content, which is okay to her. 

Leandra Stinson

Stinson has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil. Professionally, however, it would be since sixth or seventh grade. She likes being able to express herself and create things that people will love. “It’s kinda why I draw so much. Mostly for myself but also for supporters,” she said. Her drawing process is very unique. First, she has to have an idea. They usually come easy to her. If not, she resorts to Pinterest. She looks for different outfits, facial expressions, or poses. She then goes sketching after creating a board along with lining the drawing. 

According to her, there has been a lot of trial and error with her characters. Stinson thinks she created the first four characters around three to four years ago. They used to be ocs for her favorite show. Oc stands for original character which basically means that it’s a character someone creates that is their own. She was just going to use them for the fanbase. After growing out of the fandom, she realized that she wanted to make them her own characters. “I thought about my own story and what I could do. OPAL kinda came into play,” Stinson explained. More characters came along over time. She created most characters because she needed key components for the story. 

Now, all of them have their own set story. “It makes OPAL OPAL,” she said. She thinks that it’s her favorite thing about it. 

Most of the time when she creates characters, it’s on accident. She’ll be doodling something, and she’ll use a new hairstyle, eye type, or eye color. That’s where it all comes into play. Her most recent character, Janice, was created a couple of weeks ago out of a spur of nothing. She has her own set story. “Obviously there’s gonna be trial and error for her design later. It all comes down to if I’m inspired to create a new character,” Stinson said.

She uses a point 3mm pencil, which she trusts immensely. She always uses sketchbooks of any style. Digitally, for creating OPAL, she uses her iPad and Apple pencil.

Leandra Stinson

Stinson was afraid at first to put OPAL out there. She was worried it wouldn’t get any views, and no one would read it. “It’s just a dare you take. You’re daring to put something up and see what happens,” she said. She sucked it up and posted it. Shortly after, the comic started to get views and comments. The comments were all really good and nice. “It gave me more confidence in posting it. It just made me really happy and excited to post something I created,” she said. She wants people to like what she creates. Publishing the comic, according to Stinson, was a chance to take to see what would happen. 

It takes a lot of talent and guts to put something out there that you’ve made. It’s a matter of confidence and being able to take a risk to see how something would turn out. Leandra Stinson aspires to be an animator, and she is already steadily climbing the ladder towards that goal. Be sure to follow her Instagram, spacepastrii, to keep track of her art and read OPAL on Webtoon.