Seniors rewarded with ice cream

On January 31, senior students were rewarded for having the best class attendance for the first semester with ice cream, provided by Communities in Schools. Each class was observed closely by Mr. Carr, and the class with the best attendance would receive a special reward. The school has used many different incentives, such as “fun music friday,” pajama day, ice cream, and more to try and increase attendance levels. 

The students who attended the “ice cream social” seemed to not only enjoy getting out of 7th period, but also the various flavors and toppings served by the school faculty and staff. Communities in Schools provided Graham with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, along with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Students went through the line, choosing their favorite combinations of toppings, while socializing with fellow classmates and friends for the remainder of the school day. After going through the line, seniors were able to talk to friends and mingle with others. Once everyone was served, the school staff was able to give out seconds. 

Payton Prevento

The senior class enjoyed the ice cream social as an attendance incentive, but some students had more ideas as to what the school could use to increase attendance and have fewer absences. Frankie Wilkinson (12) had the idea of giving away larger gifts, such as a flat screen TV or a new laptop, to a student with perfect attendance, “The ice cream was a good idea, but it’s a little cold outside. Maybe the school could give out prizes.”

Many of the seniors believe the incentives such as pajama day and food parties make a difference in the amounts of absences in the school. “It’s good were being rewarded for doing something good rather than punished for doing something bad,” says Kolbe Austin (12). “I think it improves the attendance rate for the school and also gives the initiative for students to come to school more,” says Natalie Brennegar (12).

Some students suggested taking five to ten minutes out of each class to have a study or free period, or even being able to leave school early for a day. Other students suggested food parties, a fun day (with bouncy houses), lunch outside, and even a school dance.