Students compare Androids and iPhones

The controversial debate on which phone (iPhone or Android) is better has been around for many years. The common argument between the two phone users tends to be that Apple has better camera quality and just so happens to also be more popular in today’s society. On the other hand, Androids tend to be cheaper and last longer than most iPhones.

Within the small population of android users at the school, many have boldly stated that they would never switch to Apple products due to the short lived life of the phone and their extreme prices. Grace Beaman (12) stated that she switched to android when her iPhone broke after numerous times, “I have had my android for about two years now and it still works like brand new.”

Other android users explained that they are more user friendly and have more variety in personalization as well as app options, “Androids are more user friendly and iPhones require more effort to control,” says choir teacher, Ms. Beth Tinsley. Abner Sloan (10) decided to switch due to the setup of iPhones with the home button, as well as the cheaper prices. Ethan Stout (12) agreed with Ms. Tinsley, saying that Androids are more customizable and can be personalized to each person.

Although some prefer Androids, others have them due to family members, “I am not sure why I have an Android, but everyone else in my family has one,” says Hannah Shockley (12). Grace Beaman said her whole family has Androids except for her stepfather’s which is company paid.