Teachers and students navigate Google Classroom

The 2020-2021 school year brings a whole new instructional platform to both students and teachers: Google Classroom. 

When Google Classroom was introduced to students, they were assigned county emails and passwords. It is all done through the internet. Google Classroom is an educational suite. It combines all of Google’s applications to further student’s education including Google Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.  Teachers are counting on their students more than ever by getting assignments turned in, or just answering emails and communicating with them.  “As of right now, I think I’ve got the hang of it. There are still bumps every time I try to put up an assignment, but it’s gotten better every week,” Ms. Beth Tinsley, choir teacher, said.

The new platform has created some challenges for teachers. They’re used to the normal way of teaching, where everyone is there in person. and it’s easier to communicate. “I’m navigating very well, besides having a hard time explaining things to my students,” said Ms. Courtney Sheets, history teacher. Instructional videos, Edpuzzles, and YouTube videos are some of the ways teachers have presented their materials. The instructional videos may explain how to turn things in or do a specific task. Edpuzzles are videos that stop to give you questions.  YouTube videos are normally just used to further explain a certain topic.

Students are all having to navigate this new year as well. Some are online, and some attend in-person. Both sides have their own challenges requiring patience. Everyone at Graham is going through this together. “I’m doing good, I guess. I’ve had particular trouble with teachers who aren’t physically here,” Sydney Foster (10) said. Mr. Jason Vicars, a math teacher, is a remote teacher to his students currently. He is teaching at Springville, so he uses Google classroom to assign assignments and hold Google meets with his students during their scheduled class time.

Many students all have different opinions about remote learning. “It’s easy. I like it because it’s efficient. The only thing I don’t like is when teachers don’t put due dates on assignments,” Abby Gasperson (12) said. However, some aren’t having such an easy time with this new way of learning. “It takes me at least five minutes to figure out how to log on – I hate it,” Cianna Carter (12) said. Therefore, students and teachers alike both are now working together to navigate through Google Classroom. Both sides are new to this way of learning and teaching. Patience and good listening is required for everyone as they move forward through this school year.