Voluntary sports conditioning resumes after hiatus

     After a six-weeks hiatus, out of season conditioning is able to start again.  As of November 2, any sport that chooses to is allowed to continue where they left off in September.

     After multiple positive cases in the county several weeks ago, the school board decided that all out of season conditioning should be canceled. As of late, out of season conditioning has begun once again. 

     When asked about the new guidelines that would be put into place this year, Coach Courtney Shilling (coach and teacher) said, “I know facemasks are one of the biggest guidelines. [We are] probably going to be trying to keep as much distance from certain teams, so I don’t know if we’ll  be shaking hands after certain games or matches. Traveling might be a little bit different depending on the guidelines for how many we can take on a bus and how far we have to sit them apart.”

     Many student athletes were participating in out of season conditioning with their teams and coaches.  Emma Donchetz (11) is getting ready to start swimming and playing volleyball during this time. “Personally I’m very excited because I’ve missed most sports. It’s a big part of my life,” Donchetz said. She does have some concern that teams have lost some of the progress made before conditioning stopped, “Certainly more than they usually would.  We have not had as much time to do anything, including conditioning or actual practices.”

     Brady Jones (10) is a state qualified swimmer, placing 4th in boys state competition last year.  He’s very focused on swimming. “I have done lots of work, swimming every day for two hours a day.” Concerning whether he thinks he’s lost progress, Jones also said, “For me, not much because I’m making it all back up.” 

     Camryn Wimmer (10) plays softball for multiple teams. She’s been playing for a while, considering her travel team kept playing during the pandemic. As for the upcoming seasons, Wimmer said, “I feel like less people will start coming. We’ll just have less turn out.”  She also said, “I feel like since we haven’t got to practice for a long time we’ll probably be less ready for the seasons,”  

      It is uncertain if or when sports practices could be cancelled again due to COVID 19, so all teams will need to make the most of the conditioning time they have been given now.