Among Us continues to grow in popularity

Among Us is a multiplayer, space-themed game that has rapidly gained popularity in the U.S. and around the world. With 100M+ downloads on the playstore, the game has become one of the most popular games as of right now. Among Us was released in 2018 with only a few downloads to kick off the game’s debut. 

Among Us was first released in 2018, but it has gained a massive amount of followers in 2020. Maggie Cook (10) thinks the growth is because “celebrities have started playing.” Well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers, such as Sodapoppin and Jacksepticeye, led to the game’s wild surge of popularity. The popularity increase is not due to only the celebrities playing it. “It allows you to play with your friends…it requires critical thinking in order to figure out who the impostors are,” Ethan Punturi (11) said. “It basically builds character.”  

While playing Among Us, users can play online with random people from across the globe or with friends by giving them the game’s code. There can be 4-10 players within a lobby. Players get to choose a color specific to them within that lobby, and then as the game begins, they are given a role of either “crewmate” or “impostor.” The crewmates’ job is to run around the map completing tasks that keep the ship up and running while the impostor tries to “kill” the crewmates. Whenever a body of a crewmate is found, it is left up to the rest of the crewmates to decide who the impostor(s) is/are in the chat bubble, the impostor(s) can also place blame on the innocent crewmates to cover their tracks if caught. 

Among Us might be very popular but that does not mean that the game runs perfect or smoothly, after all it was developed by only three people. Paige Kinzer (11) feels that Among Us could be improved if they allowed players to add friends. Among Us has a chat bubble where users can discuss things related to the game, and sometimes they might even make a friend while chatting, but sadly, users cannot add friends in this current model. 

The tasks the crewmates are to complete range from fixing wires to submitting a scan of their character in MedBay. Adam Justice’s (11) favorite task is clearing meteorites in Weapons because “its a visual task and it’s kind of a game inside of a game.”  His least favorite tasks are anything inside of Electrical because “electrical is a death-trap.” There are what is called “visual tasks” that are proof that users are a crewmate rather than an impostor, and that’s why Maggie Cook’s favorite task is the MedBay scan: “People can’t accuse me of being the impostor.” Maggie’s least favorite task is Simon Says because she “always messes up.”

According to InnerSloth, which is the indie gaming company that created Among Us, over 60 million people worldwide play Among Us on a daily basis. The game’s popularity boomed almost overnight and currently show no signs of stopping.