Tazewell County brings fun Halloween activities to locals

 The year 2020 has been pretty hectic due to Covid-19. Halloween is a national holiday filled with lots of fun and happiness. Trick or Treating, haunted houses, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches are just some of the many fun activities that are included in this holiday. People around the world were concerned about if Halloween would take place normally, but just like any other year our town made that possible. 

   The town of Tazewell opened up a haunted trail named Shutter Lake at Lincolnshire Park for the first time ever. Caroline Thompson (12) attended this activity. Caroline said, “My experience here was bad. I waited in line for two hours, for a five minute walk, where the actors broke character and were very rude.” She rated this activity a 0/10 and doesn’t recommend it to anyone. Ashylnn Sarver (9) also attended this haunted trail. She said it was fun and enjoyable and a nice place to hang out with friends. She recommends this to people, and says it was worth the money and wait because our small town usually doesn’t have fun activities like this, so she rated it a 7/10. 

     This activity starts at the parking lot of the baseball fields, while patrons are waiting in line. There are three food trucks to the left of the baseball field, where they sell carnival themed foods, popcorn, funnel cake and drinks. There is a stand about halfway through the line where customers pay and can either go in the left line, where they have the option to walk up to the haunted trail, or they can go to the right line where they ride up on a hayride to the trail. When they are finally done waiting in line, they walk through the playground then walk up the hill where they arrive at Lincolnshire Lake. Next, visitors wrap around a building and into the woods. The haunted trail only takes about 10 minutes to walk through. 

       Tazewell also has the well known pumpkin patch and corn maze, across the street from the Crab Orchard Museum, located on 460. Dylan Newsome (11) attended the pumpkin patch this year. He overall enjoyed his experience there and said, “I like the food truck they added this year. It’s nice to be able to get some food after walking through the patch and looking at and picking pumpkins.” Dylan rated his experience a 10/10. 

Not much has changed this year about the pumpkin patch. It still looks and feels the same as the previous years. One new addition to it this year is a food truck that is sitting beside the corn maze and in front of the children’s playground. Visitors can pick a pumpkin, ride the hayride, go through the corn maze, and end the day with a nice cup of hot chocolate.