New COVID-19 scheduling affects students with jobs

Currently in America there are rising Covid cases which disrupt the regular schedules and times for classes here at GHS. These new schedule changes show to directly affect many student’s lives who have jobs during these abnormal times.

With all the new ways GHS has accommodated for these new times during the pandemic, schedule changes seem to be a major part of it. With this new scheduling, students have been presented the opportunity to go fully online, which many students who have jobs have taken.

“I’m a training manager at the store I work, and I work mostly in the mornings while school is in session, so in-person school wouldn’t fit in,” Taylor Campbell (12) said. 

Working hours can be hard to work around for students with jobs since they cannot always choose which hours they work. Students have to find ways to work around their work hours while still managing a proper pace with their school work.

“My hours are usually mornings and afternoons,” Hannah Carter (12) said. “I do my homework late at night because it’s the only time I have to do it.”

With this new online schooling system, students are having to learn to adjust to new ways of learning. Especially with online classes, both students and teachers are new to how to work through everything online.

“I feel like we do a lot more work than we did before. Like teachers feel like we have more free time to do work at home, but in reality we don’t and so we just have a lot more work,”  Carter (12) said.

Some students have proven to struggle to keep up with this new flow of school work. Trying to keep up with school work while still maintaining a job can easily become stressful. 

Taylor Campbell (12) said, “Covid has put me in a predicament where it feels like I’m just an adult, so I think it made us grow up quicker and face real world experiences.”

On the other hand, some students enjoy the new schedule changes that have occurred during the pandemic. New opportunities have arisen from these schedule changes and online schooling hours.

“It’s given me more time to work and given me the ability to work mornings rather than evenings,” Allison Crist (12) said. “I feel like the work hours go by faster, and I feel like it allows me to have more time to do my school work.”

During these strange times it is obvious that students, especially those with jobs, are experiencing a very new life. Whether these schedule changes help them with their job or hinder their education, students with jobs head into an undiscovered path in their lives. 

Hannah Carter (12) said, “I feel like I’m not even a student anymore. All I do is my job and my classes online. It’s like I have a whole new life.”