Student council continues work despite COVID-19 restrictions


Abby Shoemaker (11) delivers her campaign speech via Google Meet.

According to SCA sponsor Mr. David Calfee, the work hasn’t stopped, and the calendar is open. It’s slowed, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but the SCA is choosing to press on, starting with the elections.
SCA just appointed a new president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, and they plan to have the voting for class officers this week. Abby Gasperson, (12), won president, Abby Shoemaker, (11), won vice president, Stephanie Copolo, (12), won treasurer, and Macy McBride, (12), won secretary.

Abby Gasperson, SCA President, says, “It feels nice to be President. It’s nice to have different duties and be more involved with the school.” Abby Shoemaker, Vice President, says that she “hopes to be a good leader for everyone in the school.”
The SCA members plan on implementing several things into the school’s calendar, even with the regulations that the Coronavirus has set. Mr. Calfee stated that the SCA has already started helping collect for the food pantry, and he hopes to host a homecoming-type event after the possible football season in the spring. Both the president and vice president are ready and excited to begin their role in providing activities for the student body to give them some sense of normalcy during this most unusual time.