Online policy accounts for student’s attendance

A vast amount of students this year are online. Some are set up to only work online. Therefore, there have to be some implications and rules put in place to make sure everyone is doing assignments. The new attendance policy states that “if a student doesn’t do their work, then they are counted absent.” It is a great comparison to the original procedures when there wasn’t a policy in place. Mrs. Joanne Young, assistant principal, stated that the policy was sent to them by the Tazewell County School Board. “It was made so we could maintain attendance on students who weren’t completing their work,” she said. 

At the beginning of the year, the majority of students were in person. However, over the course of the first few months, a lot of students started going online. Less and less students are in person everyday, so that’s why the School Board had to establish a policy. 

For the most part, students are upholding this new policy. There is still trouble with some students, though. “It’s harder because they’re not here in school where we can better communicate with them,” Young said. More pressure is put onto students now as they could be charged with truancy if their work isn’t completed for the week. 

Online students have to be careful of due dates and making sure they’re turning assignments in on time. Checking their emails frequently is also essential. Ronizane Williams (12) normally goes by how long an assignment takes, and when it’s due, to complete his work. He completes anywhere from two to five assignments at least per day. This helps him to have more free time for what he wants to do. “It’s all how you look at it and perceive the information to do it or not,” he says.  Abner Sloan (11) does anywhere from two to seven [assignments] to compare, along with completing tons of assignments all in one sitting or two. “It’s normally on the latter end of the scale,” Sloan said.

However, the students do have some things they would change. The policy is evidently different from just going in and filling out an attendance form. Now, students should try to be logged on and complete work during the day.  Fancy Farmer (11) personally doesn’t care for the way it is now. “I would change how doing work affects your attendance,” she says. However, Williams has a different opinion. “I would just leave it be for a while and see how it works out,” he said.

No matter what the different views and strategies are of students, all of their work still has to be completed. Truancy and bad grades will be the consequences waiting for them if they don’t follow up to this policy and abide by it. “If they’re not doing their work, this gives us the avenue to address it,” Young says. Online students need to be smart right now and make sure they’re on top of assignments, tests, and more.