Online schools helps students cheat

Cheating has always been a problem among schools, but new online school programs have made it much easier for students to cheat. Is cheating really as effective and easy as it is thought out to be? Are more or less students dishonest than teachers think? Teachers must come up with new ways to prevent this and pupils must think of new ways to do it. Online classes have made it possible to cheat without getting caught at all. Since students are no longer in class, no one is able to chaperone them while they complete their assignments.  

 Pupils think cheating is much easier, and ways to cheat have improved. Sarah Prather (12) said, It has probably improved because it is easier to find more worksheets and answers online.” Teachers understand that it is simpler to cheat in classes now. “I feel that online students have the ability to use more resources, and this has increased the likelihood of cheating.  When you are sitting in class, your teacher has the ability to monitor what resources you are using,” Mrs. Mcginnis, business department, said. 

Some students understand that most teachers can catch cheating very easily. Dylan Newsome (11) said, “Teachers aren’t naive, and they can tell when students have the same exact answers word for word.” 

Cheating is a violation of trust between anyone who is involved. It affects grades and relationships among students and teachers. Understanding that bond could potentially be broken may stop some students from being dishonest, but definitely not all. Mr. Vicars, math department, said, “Cheating is affected much more by the status of one’s own heart, morals, and integrity, more than whether they are online or in person.  I often tell my students that our integrity is way more important than a grade, and largely defines the core of who we are.” Teachers do not want students to cheat, not because of the grades and consequences, but because of the morals and reputation behind it. 

Handling cheating in the classroom is just as important as preventing it. All students understand that if they are caught there will be consequences. Usually when cheaters are caught, teachers deliver bad grades or take one more step and get a higher authority figure, like a principal or vice principal, involved. “It is and always has been my policy that ALL students involved – giver and receiver of work – get a zero on the assignment.  This can be very difficult to recover from, grade wise,” Mrs. Mcginnis said. Even though not all of those who cheat are caught, it can still hurt the students who take part in it. Ashlynn Sarver (9 said,I feel like cheating has helped grades, but it’s killing the students just because high school is preparing you for the future and giving you skills you need in the future, so if you’re not obtaining anything then the chances of you apprehending anything are slim.” 

Cheating can alter the way students and teachers work in many different ways. Online school classes have greatly affected the difficulty and number of pupils who are dishonest with their work. Students understand what is at stake when this takes place and because of this, some choose not to. No matter what work is given, it is always a possibility that cheating can or will occur.