Mr. Carr puts students to the test in principal’s challenge


One thing consistent with COVID-19 is the desire for a sense of normalcy. Students at Graham High have not had the opportunity to do many fun in-school activities such as teacher student volleyball games, pep rallies etc. Last week, Mr. Carr debuted his Principal’s challenge.

“Our faculty leadership team suggested the idea based on previous schools they have worked at,” said Mr. Carr.  “The group felt that this year it was very tough to have a lot of fun, but we needed to try to come up with something. Red Ribbon Spirit Week was going so well we all wanted to see that type of student engagement continue. This was a great suggestion, so I wanted to try it out and see how it would work with our students.”

Monday, November 2 during 1st period Mr. Carr held a Google Meet where he introduced his challenge. He said that anyone has the opportunity to to challenge him in whatever they choose within reason. All they have to do is fill out a slip with their challenge and turn it into the attendance excuse box. Every Thursday, he will draw someone’s challenge, and then the following day during lunch they will take on the challenge over google meet. 

During these times, there are many strict guidelines. It is hard to work around those in order to do some things. “We are only allowing students to participate if they pass the screening measures on the day of the competition for which they were drawn,” Mr. Carr said.  “We also require a mask at all times as well as gloves. The nature of some of these competitions does cause some close proximity at times, but we try to minimize the total time of being less than six feet so it is less than 15 minutes during the competition.”

 Instead of doing these challenges in the gym as we would have probably done in previous years, it is done over Google Meets. This allows for all students to watch live while following social distancing guidelines.

The first challenge drawn was Joey Dillow’s (12). He challenged Carr to a 1v1 basketball game. “I chose basketball because Mr. Carr beat me in a game of Horse four years ago,” Joey said.  Joey’s fight for revenge began with Mr. Carr having the lead with Dillow having zero for most of the game and at the end Dillow scored from the three point line, ending the game 20-3. 

During the Google Meet where Mr. Carr announced his challenge, David Brown(11) challenged him to a game of Twister. “I chose Twister for the comedic effect,” Brown said. Last week for the second drawing, Mr. Carr drew David’s challenge. The following day they went head to head in a game of Twister. During the first round, Carr slipped and fell resulting in David’s win in the first round. Mr. Carr had a comeback winning the final two rounds, resulting in his second challenge win.
Mr. Carr’s third challenge drawn was playing Jenga with Gabe Riffe (10). “I’m excited,” Gabe Rife said. “I know [Mr. Carr’s] old, so his hands are probably shaky, so I am confident.”   Gabe won both rounds, becoming the first student to beat Mr. Carr in his challenge. 

The challenges will be back in full swing when students come back after Thanksgiving break. Mr. Carr is excited for the possible future challenges. “I just hope more challenges keep being added each week so we have a lot of students willing to participate,” Carr said. “I do think there is some good variety in the mix right now, but I would like to see even more.”