Students explain benefits, challenges of online, in-person school

       Tazewell County made an executive decision to let students choose how and where they want to be taught this school year. The options students have are to be taught through Google Classroom at home, using a laptop or computer, five days a week or attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with the advantage of having Wednesday off for remote learning. The school also allows students to be able to switch from being online to in-person or vice versa. Though students are technically only supposed to be switching at the end of the six weeks, some students have been allowed to move from in-person to online whenever they make the decision to do so. Katy Hrovatic (10), is one student who made the decision to switch from in-person to online. Hrvoatic states that she made this choice because of the school closing down from a positive case for two weeks, “I really enjoyed being online, and it was a lot easier on me.”

 Rising cases of Covid-19 at the school have sent some students home to be quarantined. Mallory Brown (10) was one of the many students to get sent home due to a case at school. Mallory is an in-person student but had to be online for a week due to quarantine. Brown said, “I like online better than in-person because I have more time management with all of my assignments, and I don’t have to do them at an exact time, they are due by the end of the week.” Mallory says she spends up to 4 ½ hours hours on her computer doing online work. 

     A lot of students have recently switched to online due to not having to wake up early, as long as the work due is getting finished. Meah Roberts (10) said “I switched to online because no one was at school, and I heard it was a lot easier, so why not.” Rumors have gone around stating that online is way easier than being in-person at this time. Thankfully Tazewell County is taking good care of the students and faculty and doing everything they can. This year is definitely chaotic, but safety is the number one priority right now and Graham High is taking precautions thoroughly.