Faculty and Staff continue to do the best they can for their students despite COVID-19

GHS faculty and staff continue to press on, and help their students, despite this most unusual time. They have all faced many difficulties and restrictions, but they still continue to persevere.
Kim Calfee, school secretary, says that over half of the currently enrolled students are in the online program. Tammy Heffinger, guidance counselor, agrees with that, saying below 40% of students are in-person. Classes are getting emptier and emptier as the year goes on, but class is still in session.
Teachers and staff both say that Google, and it’s many platforms, aid in the struggle of having students in different places. Despite these challenges, Mrs. Calfee sheds some light, and says, “On a positive note, I think we are preparing our students more for the college setting.”
Though none of us know what to expect for the future, GHS staff will continue to do the best they can for their students. The future will tell, but many of us don’t anticipate the departure of COVID-19 and its restrictions.