Seniors feel let down with lack of the typical ‘high school senior experience’

With the current pandemic comes new guidelines schools have to follow to ensure the safety of their students. Due to these new precautions a lot of seniors feel that they are missing out on many events that they would have experienced in a normal school year.

A big part of becoming a high school senior is getting to be able to experience a lot of things for the last time. It’s the last year of high school and it’s good for students to have those good memories while they pursue their next step into college. However with the pandemic, these events that are normally held for seniors to experience have been taken away for safety. This leaves many students feeling disappointed during their last year.

Emma Seay (12) said, “I’ve always looked forward to prom as a senior because it would be my final high school dance.” 

Technically, prom hasnt been cancelled yet. However, it is likely that the senior prom will be different from what the seniors would have imagined when they first became a freshman. Last year for prom, GHS held the event outside to help keep students safe. 

Though some events have already been cancelled that seniors have been looking forward to. The big Graham-Beaver high school football game was cancelled this year. Due to the cancellation of all fall sports, this is the first time since 1937 that there will be no game. Many seniors looked forward to experiencing their last big game and getting to cheer on their GHS athletes. 

Hannah Carter (12) said, “I’m really disappointed we didn’t get a final Graham-Beaver game this year. It was the thing I looked forward to most since I was a little kid. I was so excited to dress up and put on all the face paint and take pictures to keep in memory of my last year at Graham High School, but now it’ll never happen.”

Events like contest play, a form of acting, have been postponed. For seniors who have done contest play every year since their freshman year, this can be quite disappointing. While the event is not cancelled yet, it’s still a possibility that it can be since it is a very interactive in-person event. Usually the seniors get to have special parts in these acting scenes as it is their last and final year, however this year might end differently for the seniors.

“Contest play was super fun last year, and I was excited to do it again this year. I got to talk to all my friends there, and it was a place I had a break away from school and work. I was also ready to get a bigger role since it’s our last year, but I guess that might not happen now.” said Mai Nguyen.

Some students, rather than missing particular events, miss the memories they would have made with the people around them. People always say the high school years are always the most memorable, so having an abnormal year takes away the option to make these memories.

“I miss seeing my teachers/friends for my last year of high school because after high school, you won’t stay in contact with your teachers and you’ll lose communication with a majority of your high school friends,” Allison Crist (12) said.

Others try to recognize the positive in these current situations. Though, everyone can admit that there are many things this year that were not the most optimal of situations.

Zainab Razzaq (12) said, “I’m not completely sad about my senior year because I’m able to do things on my time, but it still sucks especially how things have been cancelled because of Covid. I think if Americans wore masks and did everything right the first time we went into quarantine, we could’ve been set by now for a regular school year; no one HAS to wear a mask or socially distance, but it’s just morally right to look out for the public’s health.”

While these situations aren’t the best, it is still the last year for the seniors here at GHS. Even if it’s not the graduation GHS seniors imagined as little kids, they look forward to finally being able to graduate as we get ready for the next journey in our life.