Harry Styles dances into the New Year

     Set the stage to an old fashion club in the 1940s to early 50s in a spectacular performance performed by Harry Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge(Fleabag). Released on his official YouTube  channel on January 1,2021, the music video for “Treat People With Kindness” follows the stars as they dance across the stage in an unexpected but breathtaking performance.

     When I first sat  down to view the video, I had high hopes due to the other videos that have been produced, such as “Lights Up” and “Golden,” two separate tracks featured in this sophomore album, “Fine Line.” I was pleased and noted that the overall presentation of the video was very well done and made me feel involved as an audience member.

     The acting from both Harry and Phoebe was quite good. They both sold the appearance that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and really cared about the roles that they were portraying. A notable factor in this video is the cinematography. As the dances are going on, the camera follows in the perfect way, and often switches to angles that really compliment the dance itself.  One instance that really caught my eye while watching it for the first time was when Harry belts out the lyrics and he falls back onto the crowd below. The camera switches to an eye-appealing bird’s eye view of the star.

     Another notable factor in the making of this video was the choreography and wardrobe choices. From the very start, Harry performs a phenomenal dance number that is mirrored by backup dancers. As this dance goes on, Harry introduces Phoebe, who is walking just below the stage and greeting people as she too performs her own moves while making her way across the floor. In addition to this, Styles is seen wearing a star-like suit masked with glitter, while Ms. Phoebe wears a basic white suit. It was later revealed that they are wearing matching sequence sweaters and this detail really added to the overall mood and message.

     The overall message is that Harry wants us to find a place in ourselves to treat people kindly, despite what they have done. This is supported by the lyric, “Given second chances, I don’t need all the answers.”

     In 2013, Styles was a part of a song titled “Best Song Ever,” which he starred in with his former band, One Direction. In comparison to his recent video, it is shown that he has a love for dancing, particularly one shimmy-type move. In both videos, the move is performed by Styles in a moment of genuine delight. However, the story is different for the costumes. In the 2013 video, the band showed a great disgust towards the suggestion of matching outfits. In contrast, his recent video offered the appearance that he had great admiration for his outfit. In my opinion, I feel this could be an insight that he has grown up and away from his past preferences.

     I would most definitely recommend this video to anyone, even if they aren’t a Harry Styles fan. The video has a great message that we should find a place in ourselves to be kind to everyone, despite what they do. It really boosted my mood and gave me a better outlook on how I am as a person and really made me question how kindly I treat people. I give the video 5 out of 5 stars.