Marvel creates a new Vision for the future

WandaVision” is a show currently being released week by week exclusively on Disney+.  It follows Wanda and Vision from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The show follows their misadventures of trying to be a regular family through the ages.  The first episode has a very distinct “I Love Lucy” feel to it, as it takes place in the 50s and has Wanda trying to prepare a dinner for Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart.  The second episode takes place in the 60s. Wanda and Vision are competing in their town’s talent show, but before the show Vision accidentally eats a piece of gum and it shorts his circuits.  Episode three has a “Brady Bunch” feel to it.  It takes place in the 70s, and the main conflict is Wanda’s crazy pregnancy!

The show has great story beats, comedic moments, and incredible surreal moments.  Those aspects of the show mixed with the witty lines and great acting from Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) and Paul Bettany (Vision) show what Marvel is all about.  Even all the side characters do an amazing job of selling the world.  They all fit so seamlessly into the era being portrayed.  The ads placed within the show to act as commercials have an almost dark undertone to them.  The way they’re played out by the actors are surreal.  The way all the side characters try to make it seem like everything is normal, but only make everything feel more produced and over exaggerated like a real sitcom is incredible.

The fact that it’s not one constantly moving story line like the movies is really special in that it’s able to take time to immerse the viewer in the world they’ve created.  Although the movies can do this as well, the show does it really well in such a short amount of time.  The always changing time as well is really great, and the jokes and story lines fit the year being portrayed very well.  In the first episode all the jokes fit what would have been told in a true sitcom during the time period, as well as the plot of the first episode.

Wanda and Vision are very different from the rest of the characters in the show.  The rest of the side characters seem normal upon first glance, but the more attention you pay to them the more you realize they aren’t.  They don’t act normal or speak normal – everything they do is off.  Even if it’s slight, it’s eerie in a way that really encapsulates the feel of the show.  Unlike the rest of the characters, Wanda and Vision aren’t completely oblivious to all the unusual things happening around them.

Watch the show if you can!  It’s a wonderful adventure!  You can tell they really took their time making it look good, unlike many other superhero shows I’ve seen. They didn’t cheap out of effects!  They never push one idea on you too hard, and when it does push ideas it does it tastefully.  Just like the little snippets of the 21st century you get while watching can bring you back to reality in a really subtle way.  I give the show 5/5 stars.  It does so many things right while keeping you on your toes.  I’m excited to see where the show is headed, and I hope it keeps the momentum going!