The Weekend tops the charts

The Canadian singer The Weekend, or Abel Tesfaye, is often known for producing music in the rap and pop genres. The song “Save Your Tears” was released in late 2020, but became extremely popular when the music video was released on January 5, 2021. Topping the Billboard Charts, this song was written about the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid. In the lyrics it is clear that he is asking for her to “take him back” and wants to rekindle their relationship. The song appeared in his most recent album titled “After Hours,” which is this artist’s fourth album. 

The music video caught almost everyone’s attention because of The Weekend’s depiction of plastic surgery. It has been described by Chart Check as “controversial.” In said video, he is performing to a crowd at what appears to be a masquerade ball while pouring alcoholic beverages on the guests and waving around a handgun, which is later used and is filled completely with confetti. Dancing on tables and pulling a guest on stage is not something one would expect to see at a formal event such as this one. The Weekend’s bright red and sparkly attire is a detail that is definitely eye catching and adds a much needed flare to the video. This creative singer and songwriter decided to grab the public’s attention by wearing his “plastic surgery” bandages to the red carpet without explanation. His fans were under the impression that all of this was entirely real. It was only until after the video that it was clear this was a publicity stunt. 

This unique song and video are details that boosted its popularity. “Circles” by Post Malone sounds similar, with almost the same intro as “Save Your Tears.” Both of these hit songs were produced by the same man, which provides an explanation to the similarities. Both of these tunes are music that have had everyone bobbing their heads and smiling. It seems like music that was released in the 80’s by Tears for Fears or even Queen. The beat is depicted as gunshots and the keyboard that was used is breathtaking. This song is definitely one to listen to on full blast in the car or dance to at a party. “Save Your Tears” is one of The Weekend’s best songs and receives 8/10.