Morgan Wallen takes new approach to country music

Morgan Wallen released his second album, “Dangerous: The Double Album,” on January 8, 2021, via Big Loud Records and Republic Records. “Dangerous” contains 30 songs, including hits like “7 Summers” and “Wasted on You,” which is currently holding the top spot on US Hot Country Billboard. Wallen is from Tennessee, no surprise there considering how many times Tennessee is mentioned in his music. “Dangerous” makes his 2nd album released in his seven year career. Wallen first appeared on the Voice in 2014, later being eliminated during the playoff rounds. 


Wallen has brought something new to the table in his past album and released singles. He combines country, pop, and rock all into one song. “Dangerous” is no exception to his style of music and lyrics, which are typically about his past loves that have fallen through like we see in “7 Summers,” “Chasin’ You,” and “Wasted on You.” 

“7 Summers” is about him meeting a girl and reminiscing about that time seven years later with bittersweet memories. “Chasin’ You” is about a past girlfriend that he’s still in love with. “Wasted on You” brought out Wallen’s angry side when he talked about all the things he wasted on his ex who hurt him. 

“7 Summers” was released as a single on August 14, 2020, after Wallen teased followers with a short clip of the song on his Instagram story. 

“Sand in my Boots,the first song on the album, seems an awful lot like Kenny Chesney’s “Anything But Mine.” They both are about a summer love that faded off years ago, and they’re reminiscing about their times together. They even sound somewhat alike, not a huge resemblance, but there are some similarities. 

I give “Dangerous” 3/5 stars because the album is good, but other than it being way longer than normal, there’s not much special to it. It sounds like his other music- there’s not any eye-catching songs on it that haven’t already been released as singles.