SZA’s “Good Days” gives off good vibes & high spirits

Solana Rowe, known as the singer/songwriter SZA, released her hit single “Good Days” on December 25, 2020. SZA is a neo soul singer and alternative R&B but also has elements of soul, hip-hop, indie rock, cloud rap, and chillwave in her style of music. “Good Days” was teased at the end of another song “Hit Different” that was released in September. The song is available on lots of streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. According to NME, SZA revealed that she wanted to feature another hit artist, Frank Ocean, in a remix of “Good Days.” As of right now it hasn’t come out yet, but it is worth waiting for. 

    This song is good, but it also has it’s bad parts. The high spirited and good vibes of the song are very encouraging, but the song is very repetitive- – it has sets of words that are recurring. The beat of the song starts off soft, but leads into a R&B feel to it.  The song is lengthy as it is four minutes and thirty-nine seconds long – most songs are about two and a half minutes. The lyrics are very uplifting, but some of the lyrics are hard to understand unless you listen closely. 

    The first time I heard bits and pieces of the song was on Tik Tok, a world wide social media app. The lyrics just seemed very uplifting and heart-felt, and they made me happy. SZA talks about how she wants to let go of things and basically have a carefree mindset.  Most of SZA’s songs are sad and talk about her childhood. This song changed her whole motive. She talks about how she wants someone to get off her mind and let her get some air. Take a breath, slow down, and feel better. The song is just all around a stress reliever when it comes to really listening to the lyrics and taking in all the emotions behind it. The song just states how everyday should be a good day. Put away the pain and smile and make the day a good day. 

    Comparing this song to other songs she has written in the past is a range of differences of emotion and heart. An old song by SZA called “Broken Clocks” in the CTRL is sad saying how she just takes it day by day, and all she does is work. This song is from 2017, and you can see a drastic difference in her songs from back then to now. Her mental health obviously got better, and she changed her perspective of life and how she wants to be treated. 

     My overall opinion on the song is that it’s not my favorite song in the world, but it is a very good song and definitely lifts my spirits up incredibly.  I give the song a 4/5 rating because I wouldn’t listen to it on repeat, but it’s definitely in my playlists to be listened to in the future. 

My overall recommendation is to listen to it! It’ll make you feel better on a bad day – I promise! If you’re an overthinker, have anxiety, or even depression, I feel like the music and lyrics will just calm your nerves. Even if you don’t struggle with any issues, and are just having a not so good day, listen to this song and give this incredible lyrical writer and singer some props for making such a calming song.