Remember the stages of life through music

CHILDHOOD is an album released by Glass Animals on January 8, 2021, on Spotify. CHILDHOOD is a good album addition and creates an organized timeline for their music while also incorporating home videos to add to the aesthetic. The lyrics are relatable to many of their audiences which makes others feel more connected to the songs. The flowy instrumentals make the songs feel like wind flowing through your fingertips on a sunny day.

In this album, Glass Animals created it so that the songs are specifically placed to form a story while listening. The music also transitions smoothly between each song and video. They also have a great indie electronic music vibe, which makes for a fun beat. The well-written lyrics make for an upbeat tune many can easily be recognizable and catchy.

By incorporating old home videos in between the songs it creates a very childhood aesthetic for the album which creates a story in the audiences’ mind. The ending of the home videos fades into the beginnings of the next song which makes for a seamless transition. The smooth, soft vocal mixed with a steady beat is great for indie song lovers. The instrumental makes you feel completely enveloped in the song by all the different elements added. It’s like stepping into a bakery with all the different pastries merging together to create the signature bakery smell that has you wanting more. The lyrics have very repetitive and relatable lyrics that leave the listeners interested and reflecting on the songs and their past memories. 

Compared to their other albums, CHILDHOOD is a lot smaller in length. It still portrays the alternative/indie music in all the other albums. It even has some shared songs in Dreamland, another Glass Animals album, such as the song Tangerine. Glass Animals has also announced the making of a new album called ADULTHOOD inspired by CHILDHOOD.

If you enjoy alternative/indie music and an album that creates a story, CHILDHOOD is for you. I give the album CHILDHOOD 4 out of 5 stars. The music beat, lyrics, and organization make for a great playlist, however, the playlist time in total is shorter than most albums.