Brewster accomplishes writing dreams

Sometimes a person knows what they want to do as a career. Maybe they even have a small dream that they keep inside for several years. For Debra Tabor (Brewster), she kept her dream of writing and publishing her own novels secret for 30 years. She was always able to picture characters and stories in her mind. She wanted to help them come to life. Now Brewster is living her dream and bringing it to life with her novels titled “Raspberries and Romeo Days” and “Scenes and Moments.”

Author pages are available for her on Amazon along with Good Reads. Brewster also has a YouTube channel titled “Peace, Love, & Writing.” Her first novel, “Raspberries and Romeo Days,” was published in June of 2020; “Scenes and Moments” came out in January of this year. These novels already have numerous great reviews and feedback.

Ms. Brewster admitted that she was nervous about her first novel being published. “I had a great editor, and she assured me that it was ready to go,” she said. There was a lot of reading, editing, and reading again involved with this project along with preparing for the layout of the book. “I was nervous because it’s just like showing your art or photography – you’re sharing something that you’ve kept to yourself,” she said.

Writing and publishing books has been a lifelong dream of this English teacher. She always knew, ever since she was a kid, that she loved stories. She would imagine story-lines as she would play with her toys. When playing with other kids, Brewster would think of story-lines then, too, as they played to make it more fun. “I was always attracted to the story dynamic,” Brewster said.

This newly-published writer is well known and received around her workplace, especially by Mrs. Jenny Woodward, a fellow English teacher. Woodward always anticipated that her friend would begin to write novels someday. “She has got such wonderful insights and so much wisdom that it had to come out on paper. She’s got to share that beauty with the world,” she said. She thought that it was always great to have your friends and coworkers go and achieve something more than what you know them for.

Along with Woodward, Jordan McFarland (12) is also very proud of Ms. Brewster. “She has really just come out of the shadows with it,” she said. McFarland stated that Brewster’s books had been a work in progress for so long that she definitely made a name of herself really quickly. She feels inspired by her coach and teacher since she has achieved so much. “I know how passionate she is, and I feel like if she can make her dreams come true, anyone can,” she said.

Brewster’s second novel that came out in January has four out-of-five stars so far. It hasn’t been out very long so this is an impressive achievement for a new author. “Raspberries and Romeo Days,” however, has fifty-eight reviews. “The feedback has been positive,” she said. With these successes and reviews that she’s gotten so far, there is no doubt that Brewster is going to continue writing. Hopefully, one day, there will be books of hers available across the country. Her books are available on Amazon and her website for purchasing.

Saharah Brewster
Saharah Brewster