Dribbling and Scribbling

Brown excels on the court, field, and classroom


 With one hand on a ball and the other on a pencil, Mallory Brown (10) is a three time athlete and an academically achieved student here at Graham High.  Mallory plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball, sports that are all back to back seasons.

            Mallory states how she feels starting as a sophomore on the varsity basketball team. She said, “It definitely was an experience last year as a freshman because basketball is a whole different world than volleyball as a freshman.” She states that it is a lot more competitive, intense, and rougher. Mallory states that basketball has allowed her to gain so much more confidence. Sarah Jacobs (10) is one of Mallory’s teammates on the volleyball team. She declares how Mallory stands out as a teammate. Sarah said,  “I’ve played with Mal a long time. We’ve been very supportive of each other, she’s always there for everybody on the team.” She was born to play volleyball,” Sarah says.  Mallory says that volleyball is a fun sport, and the people are nice so it is a good dynamic. Elle Gunter (11) plays varsity basketball and volleyball with Mallory. She explains why Mallory deserves the opportunity to play on the basketball team. “Mallory is very athletic but that’s not even the main part, she’s always there for everybody, and she can jump really high, and is really aggressive.” 

     Mallory is also very academically achieved here at our school. She takes advanced classes and even a college course for Southwest Community College. Mallory doubled up on math freshmen year, and now has an open class period which allows her to take dual-precal with Southwest.  “We Google Meet with a teacher from Tazewell who teaches us virtually, just like any other class with Covid right now.” Mallory says. Sarah Jacobs has multiple classes with Mallory and explains how Mallory is as a classmate. “I really enjoy being in class with her because if we ever need help, we can talk to each other. She’s always there, whenever there is a problem.” 

      Along with the academics and sports, Mallory is also involved in multiple extracurricular activities. W.O.W Debs is one of the multiple she is in. She talks about how many eye-opening voluntary activities she’s helped out with. “We did blessings in a backpack, we do tons of stuff with the food pantry, and we donate food to animal shelters,” Mallory states. She was also asked how she thinks this will be an impact on her life. Mallory says, “It’s definitely given me respect for the people who volunteer because it’s kind of hard putting your time into it and giving back, but it’s so great.” 

       Mallory is a well-known person at our school. She’s incredibly smart, and sweet to anyone that she comes in contact with. This is why she stands out at our school. The varsity athletics, extracurriculars, and studies are just a plus to the amazing person she is. Mallory is a role model, a leader, and an overall kind person. She seems destined to inspire so many friends, teammates and classmates.