Stallard wins best image by a student


Using her arsenal of special effects, sophomore Riley Stallard managed to recreate Killua, giving the character glowing white eyes with a navy blue background to enhance the whiteness of Killua. Killua is a character from Hunter x Hunter, which was Riley Stallard’s inspiration for her award winning piece. 

Riley Stallard has a passion for creating art of all kinds. Her favorite style to create is digital art. She said, “I can do a lot of different things with digital (art), and it has a different feel to it.” Digital art is a style of creating art using computers, 3D printers, and other technologies. Riley’s favorite device to create on is her iPad using an Apple Pencil. Digital art has been around since the 1960’s but has only gained popularity since technology began advancing in the 1980’s. 

Riley has recently won an award in the state of Virginia for Best Image by a Student for her creation of Killua from the tv show, Hunter x Hunter. “I decided to have some fun, since I had just watched the show that [Killua] is from.”  She was persuaded by her mom to submit a drawing for Virginia’s Annual Image Competition and enter it in the student category. “I really like to digitally paint faces and experiment with lighting, so I thought the effect would be cool to add to it.” 

“Riley is an amazing artist. At some things, she is better than I am.” stated Mrs. Cockerham, Riley’s art teacher since her freshman year. In September of 2019, Mrs. Cockerham chose Riley as Artist of the Month for her piece titled “My Kitty.” Stallard created “My Kitty” by using only graphite and colored pencils. 

Her friend, Bryce Havens (10), describes Riley as being “very funny and friendly,” but she does have a more introverted side to her. “She can be outgoing on some days, to being somewhat quiet and reserved, although most of the time she’s just humorous and nice to everyone.” 

Mrs. Cockerham says Stallard is “caring and she’s all around a good person.” 

Stallard hopes to continue her artistic passions into her adult life, and is very hopeful and optimistic that she will make her passion into a career.