From crayons to pencils

Belcher shines through artwork

From crayons to pencils

Leonardo Da Vinci. Pablo Picasso. Vincent van Gogh. Michelangelo. All of these are incredible artists, but there is one more. Angeleah Belcher is a sophomore who devotes her free time to sketching, drawing, painting, and all things artistic. She began her journey into the arts around the fourth grade, and she has loved it ever since. She started out with crayons, but after realizing her love for art, she gravitated towards pencils, colored and non. She often takes art requests from acquaintances, and she also likes taking the art classes provided at the high school.

In terms of her art style, Angeleah stated that her art was “more modern than classical.” Randa Bailey, a good friend of Angeleah, expressed that the artist’s works were “realistic with a side of cartoon character.” Mary Hellen Cockerham, Angeleah’s Art III teacher and teacher at the high school, says that she really likes the abstract projects that Angeleah has done, and that she’s an excellent artist. 

When she was young, Angeleah was fascinated by art. She states that she “has always had a love for art.” She loved the paintings in her grandmother’s house, but never believed that she could create something quite as magnificent. That doubt soon dissipated when she got into the art scene. Her mother bought her a box of crayons, and she went nowhere but up from there. Soon, gravitating to pencils, she flourished in the arts, and has been doing so ever since.

Every artist needs some form of inspiration. Music, other artists, personal relationships, anything. Anything could be someone’s artistic inspiration. Music is Angeleah’s weapon of choice. Depending on the mood she’s in, she’ll listen to certain kinds of music, and everyone agrees that her work reflects that. Her emotions are shown deeply through her art. In her past works, Angeleah has done everything to nature drawings, to portraits, to unrealistic things, to dark drawings, and even to extraterrestrials. Her horizons are extremely broad, and she’s only grown from the beginning. 

In regards to the future, Angeleah wants to keep art close to her heart. She doesn’t really see it as a main career, but she definitely does want it as a hobby, and maybe even a side job. Her growth and dedication to the arts shine through all of her creations in nothing shy of absolute beauty. 

Angeleah has a lot of doubt towards herself and her amazing talent. She loves art, but she doesn’t take the credit she deserves. Randa admitted in her interview that she wished she could perform with such talents as her friend has. Her art teacher even said , “Angeleah is not confident enough in herself. She is an amazing artist, but she doesn’t think so.” The world should watch out for a very good, very beautiful artist.