Morgan Wallen shows the dark side to having fame in “Livin’ the Dream”



After two years of no new released music from Morgan Wallen, fans were ecstatic when he announced the release of his double album “Dangerous.” Leading up to the early 2021 release of “Dangerous,” he released seven singles, but one that stood out was “Livin’ the Dream.”

At the beginning of listening to this album, it was one of the songs I skipped when it played through the playlist. It’s not as upbeat or catchy as his other songs, and it’s not really relatable personally to me. However, as I listened to it more, I discovered that it is deep. It shows a side to Wallen that no one usually sees. 

In the song, he talks about how he doesn’t really know himself anymore as he’s gained fame. “There’s a stranger in the mirror.”  In the song, he says, “Sign my life away to be the life of the party / yeah to everybody else.” He talks about how he doesn’t want to seem ungrateful, but being him can be exhausting and not as good as it looks on the outside. 

He says in his song, “I look like a rockstar in and out of cop cars, / Livin’ out a suitcase, trashing hotel bars.” He is trying to say that even though being famous looks all exciting and fun, but it gets old after a while. 

Wallen is not the first musician to write about the pressures and downs to fame. Even Taylor Swift in “Look What You Made Me Do” talks about the dark side to fame. With all of these artists writing about how bad fame really is, it makes me wonder about what really goes in Hollywood behind the scenes. 

Overall, I give this song a five out of five. The lyrics are raw and real. His vocals in the song were just amazing. It gave me a whole new perspective for having fame and a new respect for famous people. I never realized how hard it would be to have every move you make broadcasted to the whole world.  This song isn’t just mindless lyrics you scream; it actually has meaning, and that’s why I fell in love with it!