Setting up the future

   Mine, mine mine!  Is what you’d hear as you enter the gym to watch a volleyball game.  No one girl in particular would stand out, not until the game starts that is.  Then you notice one girl who looks younger than the rest of her team.

Sarah Jacobs (10) plays varsity high school volleyball and travel volleyball.  Not only is she impressive in the classroom, she’s also quite good on the court.  While still only being a sophomore, Jacobs has already talked to college coaches, while not having any school in particular in mind yet.

Jacobs started playing five years ago, saying, “When I got cut from the 6th grade team, [that] made me work hard so I could make the team the next year.”  Jacobs also said, “I practice about two hours each day, so about fourteen hours per week.”  Jacobs would not take any time off though as she said, “Volleyball is my favorite thing in the world.”

Jacobs was the youngest player on the varsity team last year saying, “It was definitely intimidating, but I got to make a lot of new friends, and I’m glad I got the experience.” Over the course of her five year career she’s played for four different teams, including the Graham Middle School team, the high school team which she has played with for two years, and two travel ball teams.

Ashley Cline (12) has played volleyball with Jacobs for two years now saying, “She is a kind person, and she is very sportsmanlike.” Nathaly Du (9) has a similar opinion on Jacobs saying, “She’s really nice, on and off the court.”  

Jacobs does not yet know what college she would like to attend but she knows she wants to play volleyball.  She said it’s not all about the sport though, “Because education matters too.” Jacobs said.