“Reminds me of You” releases on first anniversary of Juice Wrld’s death


     On December 8, 2020, the musical artists known as Juice Wrld and The Kid LAROI released “Reminds Me of You.” The song was released for streaming platforms.

     In my opinion the different pitch of the vocals in the song is the best part. I found that the lyrics were incredibly repetitive and by the end of the song, which is not quite three minutes, it was almost tedious to listen to. It was constantly the artist repeating what is reminding them of an individual; however, it was the same pitch and the same lyrics, so by the end you feel like you have listened to a specific part of the song on repeat. Returning to vocals, LAROI and Juice have very different voices and when put together do sound very nice. Juice Wrld has the lower and smoother pitch while LAROI has higher and sharper vocals.

     Compared to other songs written and performed by LAROI, “Reminds Me of You” is one of the laziest written ones. The song is a duet with Juice Wrld, but there are only two lines you hear Juice in, but LAROI has five+ lines. However in other songs performed, the duet has equal or a small difference in parts. It looks like LAROI has the pitch that he has been missing in his previously in other songs.

Rating: ⅗