Mastering the cube

Red, blue, yellow, and green. Colors flashing by in the blink of an eye, but one girl in particular must not blink. Allison Crist, a senior, has mastered the well-known puzzle called the Rubik’s cube. Learning from an old friend in her late middle school years, Allison has spent her free time since practicing and perfecting her skill. She is now able to solve a Rubik’s cube in under one minute, while the average time for this puzzle is about two to three minutes. This talented girl has taught herself, and one of her friends, different algorithms and methods to unraveling this tricky puzzle. 

An ex-boyfriend of Allison’s taught her to perfect the cube in her 8th grade year of middle school. She said that she enjoys solving in her free time and even showing others her amazing talent. She wanted to learn and understand the methods to this puzzle because she was intrigued. When she had first tried to deal with the maze-like toy, she described her experiences as frustrating. “It’s kind of like trying to learn math because of all of the methods and algorithms,” Allison said. She had also expressed that it was very challenging and complicated. 

Left, right, up, down, and repeat. Practice is how Allison, and many others, learn the methods to solving. She expressed that although it frustrated her, it was fun learning different moves. She has decreased her time from three minutes to 45 seconds. It is estimated that only 5.8% of the world can solve a Rubik’s cube, and only half of that percentage can figure it out in under a minute. 

Elaine Tinio (12) is one of Allison’s good friends and another brilliant student who is capable of solving a Rubik’s cube. The two girls found out they had the same skill when they were talking about special talents they both had. Elaine said that she finds it interesting that Allison is so coordinated and able to move so fast. Allison has tried to teach her friend certain methods to figuring out this puzzle. “She solves them differently than I learned to solve them, so she tries to teach me how she does it. It is interesting to see how different we solve, but still end up with the same results,” Elaine said. Both of the girls love to compete and often go up against one another since they are equal in skill. Taylor Campbell (12) is another one of Allison’s buddies who finds her talent interesting. “She used to bring it to school to occupy herself,” Taylor said. Allison plans on taking herself farther and trying to solve Rubik’s cubes faster everyday.