Tabor and Gasperson crowned king and queen


Seniors Bradley Tabor and Abby Gasperson were crowned Homecoming King and Queen at the first home football of the season on March 6, 2020.

      Abby and Bradley are both seniors this year and were both nominated for queen and king.  Homecoming was different this year. The school still made sure the town of Bluefield had an amazing parade, but the Homecoming dance was not able to happen. The tough competition in the line-up of nominees didn’t stop Abby Gasperson (12) and Bradley Tabor (12) from being victorious. Abby states that it was really nice to be a candidate in the Homecoming court. She liked the fact that she was in it with all of her friends. Hannah Hass (12) was also a candidate for Homecoming. Hannah feels Abby deserved to win the title of Homecoming Queen. “She is a big part of our school. She is an overall kind, caring person.” 

     Bradley Tabor is the first Homecoming king at Graham High. Calling this as an amazing achievement is an understatement. Bradley states he was very excited to be Homecoming king. This was never a dream of Bradley’s, buy he said, “I was surprised I won. I was happy!” Hannah Hass said, “Bradley is the sweetest kid. I’ve known him since kindergarten. He always says hi to me, and he’s always all around very kind.”                                                                 

       A lot of students at the school obviously agree that Bradley and Abby deserved this. Their kindness, and contributions to the school allow them to represent the school in a positive way. Both the Homecoming queen and king expressed that they weren’t expecting to win, but were both so happy to. Abby said, “I wasn’t expecting to win. I honestly thought someone else would. I think I was more excited that Bradley won, than I was about me winning.” 

    Unfortunately, due to the virus things may have not been normal this year, but Graham High always allows students to have and gain the achievements they deserve. The vote was put in, and the Homecoming king and queen have gained this amazing opportunity to represent the school.