GHS adopts new 1-1 Chromebook Initiative

The 1-1 Chromebook initiative allows students of all grade levels to have access to a Chromebook in and outside of school buildings. With this initiative, students who don’t have a laptop or a computer at home to still be able to access their assignments, materials, etc. Graham High School first adopted the program in the fall of 2020, after being a long awaited goal of the school district. Around 60-65% of students have checked out a Chromebook.

“The initiative is a wonderful thing and long overdue,” Dr. Jones stated. “Trying to facilitate hybrid virtual learning on cell phones alone is an extremely difficult task. Now, everyone has equal access to devices.” Graham High School currently operates under hybrid learning, meaning students have the option to learn virtually or learn in person. 

“This is an unusual year, we’ve thrown a lot of new stuff at students and teachers,” said Mr. Brown. “Chromebooks were essential for those who chose to go remotely.” Before this initiative, Tazewell County Public Schools had a strict policy in place against bringing any extra devices to school, although cell phones are an exception to this policy. 

Students are now liable for any damages done to their device, just as they have been accountable in the past for textbooks. With this new luxury, will students take advantage of the technology and abuse it? Mr. Brown isn’t concerned about that at all, “Those sort of things were happening on cell phones and social media long before we issued the students Chromebooks,” Brown also added that he doesn’t expect the devices to “greatly increase” those behaviors. 

“Given all of the simultaneous changes impacting our lives in the last year, it would be difficult to say how grades have been impacted by Chromebooks,” told Mrs. Blevins. “However, from an instructional point of view, it would have been very difficult for teachers to maintain instruction without an online component,” Blevins also added.