That’s a wrap on MACC

MACC wrapped up their 2021 season on Monday, March 8.  Four-out-of-five teams competed in Super-MACC, including the Math, History, English, and All Around team.  This is the first time the English team has made it to a Super-MACC in the school’s history.  All five teams made it to the final round of the MAAC tournament with Math, Social Studies and All Around getting first place, and English and Science both becoming runner ups.  Matches were played virtually this year.  All matches were played in Mr. Calfee’s room,  but a few people played from the safety of their own home.

Joe Tyson (11) is the captain of the social studies team and has been on the team for three years.  He chose the social studies team because it’s always resonated with him. “I’m very weak in geography, just because I’ve been out of world geography for two years.”   He is glad however that the team has some freshmen this year that are taking world geography.  “During this season, we had all our matches virtually, and so we had to use technology to compete with other schools,”  Tyson said, “MACC is an excellent extracurricular activity.”  He encourages any kid who’s interested to join next year.

Hannah  White (10) plays for the English team. White has been a part of the English team for two years, joining as a freshman last year. White said, “Before every match I try to go over some of the short stories and poems just to refresh them in my brain.”  With only three members, Hannah White, Abby Shoemaker, and team captain Darrah Young, made it to Super-MACC for the first time.

Mr. David Calfee is the coach of both the math and all around team.  This is his fifth year coaching math and his first year coaching all around.  He stepped up as the all around team coach after Mr. Brown had some problems with his schedule.   This is also Ms. Sheets first year coaching; she coaches the social studies team.