Interest in weather snowballs into amateur prediction page for one teacher

After the snow of ‘93, Matthew Dixon’s interest in weather snowballed into a passion- driven hobby. With personal interest and a few geography classes, he has been dubbed as “Graham High’s Weather Man.” After always being asked about his predictions of snow days, he created a Facebook account. Five years later, he now has almost a thousand followers who depend on him as one depends on the weather app on their phone. 

After a ton of weather posts were made on his personal Facebook wall, he created his own weather forecast Facebook page titled, “Dixon’s Meteorology Page.” With some help from a graphic designer friend, he had a logo for his page and he already had a whole school of people behind him.
Before Covid, snow days were quite anticipated. Coach Dixon’s page was first born from him giving his predictions of a snow day to his coworkers and students at GHS. Soon, his personal Facebook page was getting flooded with weather memes and posts, so he decided to make his own personal page. 

Coach Dixon’s knowledge of the weather is mostly self-taught with the exception of him taking a couple of geology courses in college. He gets his weather information such as graphs and charts from free websites, but he pays for a couple of monthly subscriptions.

As Graham High’s athletic director, he is constantly faced with the decision to cancel sporting events due to weather. Even though the weather may be fine in Bluefield, he has to think about how the weather is in the other team’s hometown and the possible road conditions. His knowledge of weather and ability to read weather graphs comes in handy when making this decision. 

Now with almost one thousand followers, everyone seems to be following him these days, including community members, students, and school officials.  Since these school officials determine whether or not the school is closed, he now feels like he has to be careful when giving his predictions because he does not want to contradict or sway the school’s determination of closing. 

Over time, his followers have really begun to depend on him for the weather forecast. He doesn’t seem to let the pressure affect him and still continues to enjoy himself with his hobby. Rain seems to bore him and he gets most excited over snow. Overall, he spends about 1-2 hours a week on it.