Music makes me jump up and do stuff

Music has been around for centuries. People have revealed the joy of creating music, singing songs, and dancing along to the music. As noted in Lucy Benton’s article “Why is Music So Important for your Motivation?,” music can be a powerful neurological tool that can help change people’s moods.  Music can change the way we perceive the planet, making it more positive and outgoing. Scientists have found out which music is best for a specific mood. For example, ambient and natural melodies are best for productivity, and lightweight pop can put you in a very motivating state of mind. Music creates a motivational background for everyone’s activities and affects physically and mentally.

Music is one of the most amazing things on this planet. Depending on my emotions and how I feel at that moment and time when I listen to music. I can adapt to different types of music just by understanding the meaning and point behind the song. It covers every emotion that one can think of. I prefer to listen to older music, mostly some sort of rock or rap. I can’t think of a time when there wasn’t some great musician around. The 90’s had Nirvana where the 80’s had Guns N’ Roses and Eminem. The 70’s had Led Zeppelin and no one could forget AC/DC.

Music that inspires me to draw and to write short stories is usually music for rock bands such as Nickleback, Three days Grace, and Theory of a Deadman. When writing articles for journalism class or doing homework for psychology/sociology I listen to songs from Eminem and other rappers. When doing homework for math class, English class, science class, and history class I listen to heavy metal or 80’s rock music.

When vacuuming the house and dusting I listen to today’s country,90’s country, or 80’s music. When doing laundry and cleaning or rearranging my room I listen to pop, rap, or heavy music. If me and my friends are chilling out we listen to pop, hip hop, romantic, and country music. When me and my friends start to dance or when we bake we listen to pop or rap. When I am in the shower or when I am feeling down I listen to rap, heavy metal, or NEFFEX music. If I am chilling out in my room at night I play rap, heavy metal, pop, and 80’s music.