Small Group sings on

Small Group is a selected choir class that features many amazing singers. Recently in class, Small Group has been working on perfecting their song numbers for the upcoming musical “Descendants.”

In the class, the students work on their song parts or even lines they may have in the musical. The musical is a yearly event. Ms. Tinsley said, “All Small Group Students are required to be in the musical. It’s part of their final grade towards the end of the school year.” 

Small Group students from tradition even have their very own song together during the musical. “Be Our Guest” in the musical is sung by the Audronian Choir, so it makes sense that the small group choir sings it together,” said Hannah McMillion (11).

While the class may consist of some variety, many students take the time to go over and practice their songs and lines. “I’m working on my songs and lines for the musical. I have some songs by myself this year, so I usually use that time to work on them,” said Hannah McMillion (11). “It’s easier to work on them there rather than at home because Ms. Tinsley and everyone else can help me.”

To be able to sing in areas like a stage for the musical, students must learn to project their voice. This means to speak or sing more loudly but still keeping words clear and eligible. This technique is best to learn on an actual stage. Small Group students are often given the opportunity to practice singing on the stage to better improve their voice.

Small Group also often works together in groups to help each other. Working together helps everyone improve while also creating good chemistry between students which creates a happy working environment. “I’m working on songs that I’m in. I also help other people if they need help with their lines,” Rachel White (10) said.

“With the musical performance coming so quickly and so many people, Ms. Tinsley often teaches us the dances during class. That way it’s fewer people to teach it to at a time which makes it easier to teach and learn.” Hannah McMillion (11) said. The dances make the musical feel more lively and give a great show for the audience. They require a lot of practice to perfect, so students make sure to work on them as much as they can.

While working to prepare for the upcoming musical, small group students practice diligently warming up and practicing for upcoming songs. The class works as a team to overall prepare everyone to the best capability.