Descendants cast breaks it down with brilliant performances


Kristy Stout

Pictured above is the cast and crew of the production!

On April 23-24, 2021, GHS presented Disney’s Descendants: The Musical to local friends and family. The group had been rehearsing for two months and were so excited to finally perform in front of a live audience! Both of the performances went exceptionally well considering the time that the students had.  Every student put in their best effort while practicing at school and at home. It really showed when they came and the audience could tell they knew what they needed to do.

Kristy Stout

As for the audience, they were very receptive to the show both nights. “They laughed at things we thought they wouldn’t laugh at. They clapped after every number and scene. They were super encouraging afterwards. It was the closest thing to a dream audience,” Ms. Beth Tinsley said.

Tinsley, director and persona for Maleficent, felt that the beginning of the week leading up to the show was rough. “By Thursday, they had completely turned everything around and we had a show,” she said. She thought that this show was similar in style to the first show she put on, which was Camp Rock. However, the contrast was that it was a lot more prop and set heavy. “We’ve never had as many props and scenery and set changes as we did in this show,” Tinsley said.

This musical was very memorable for all of the students. Everyday for two months, they’d come to rehearsal and worked together for hours upon hours. It all ended up paying off in the end, though. Hannah McMillion (11), who played Audrey in the play, stated that the first few rehearsals were very tedious. “It felt like we were just doing one scene over and over again just to get good,” she said. By the end, McMillion thought it was all put nicely together. She really liked her character, Audrey, because she sympathized with her.

Kristy Stout

One senior in particular had her first experience with musical theater with Descendants. Abby Gasperson (12) had a dream in mind to make her high school experience just like High School Musical: The Movie. “Participating this year made my senior year a little more memorable,” Gasperson said. She felt a little overwhelmed first walking into rehearsal. She asked herself, “What am I doing? I have no singing abilities, and I suck at dancing.” Gasperson ended up being very glad she stayed, as opening night was a lot of fun!

It wasn’t much of a stretch for Tinsley to play Maleficent. “I’ve played roles like that before so it was a lot of fun to be able to play a villain again,” she said. Since the part wasn’t super intensive in the show, Tinsley thought it was easy to be able to direct on the side and take on the other tasks that she had to do. In three words, she would describe the cast and show as crazy, talented, and time-consuming. “A fourth word would be intense,” she added with a laugh.
“Descendants: The Musical” was certainly unlike any other. Because of COVID-19, several precautions had to be taken. The cast were allowed to wear masks offstage, which helped with their projection. However, as soon as one would leave the scene, they had to put their mask back on (unless they had a cue coming up soon.) Audience members were seated at least six feet apart from each other as well.

Kristy Stout

Overall, this show received great reception from both the audience and the cast and crew. A lot of work, stress, and tears went into two months of rehearsal to bring two nights of performances!  Tinsley is going to post the links on her Facebook very soon for everyone to see.