Summer jobs teach responsibility and hardwork

Some teens take the summer off and enjoy their free time, others get summer jobs.  Summer jobs give people opportunities to learn responsibility and the value of hardwork.  It also takes away a lot of time for teens to hang out with their friends and go on family vacations.

Meah Roberts (10) is a lifeguard at Harmony Acres during the summer.  She’s worked there one year.  This summer will be her second year of work.   Roberts likes her job because it’s close to her house, and she has something to do rather than sit in her house all day.

Ashley Cline (12) works at Painter Creek Marina during the summer.  Cline works out of Bristol, Tennessee, five days out of the week.  She lives down there only coming home on the occasional weekend.  “I missed out on a lot of plans with friends last summer, but we still got to hang out so it wasn’t too bad,” said Cline.  “This job prepared me for becoming an adult because I had made a commitment to working, and I learned the consequences of messing up.”  This was Cline’s first job and she said, “I couldn’t imagine having a different job during the summer because I got to spend everyday out on the lake.”  She also enjoyed the atmosphere because she got to listen to live music and enjoyed spending time with her coworkers.

Emma Donchetz (11) has a summer job as a lifeguard at Harmony Acres.  This summer will be her second year working there.  “It’s a lot of fun being with people I enjoy working with,” said Donchetz.  “I like having a summer job because of numerous benefits.  I am able to make money to save for college. I enjoy having responsibilities in place of school,” Donchetz said.  Lifeguarding takes the place of school for Donchetz, giving her something to do in the summer “rather than sitting at home bored.”  Donchetz said, “I believe that having a job from a young age shows a person’s maturity and responsibility.”

Caitlyn Martin (10) does not have a summer job, although she would like to have one in the future.  “I am not going to have a job this summer because I’m going to have a very busy summer,” said Martin.  That sort of responsibility can be very stressful to people our age, such as Martin, “That sort of stuff stresses me out so I’ll probably wait until next year when I’m more mentally prepared.”

Summer jobs are beneficial to teens, teaching them responsibility and commitment.  Teenagers also enjoy the opportunity to work over the summer although it takes time away from their friends and families.  Money also seems to be a big contender as to why summer jobs are popular with today’s youth.  Whether they save the money for college or use it all right then and there, they seem to enjoy that aspect of their jobs.  Summer jobs seem to be a good thing for kids today, so they aren’t stuck at home all day.  But not everyone is ready for the responsibility of taking on a job so young.  Many people also take family vacations over the summer and are not available to work all summer long.