Class of 2021 awaits graduation day

Graham High School’s Class of 2021 is getting closer and closer to their day to walk across the stage. Graduation will be held on March 29, 2021, at Mitchell Stadium if weather permits. If weather does not permit, then there will be the possibility of having the ceremony in the usual place, Graham Middle School’s gymnasium. This, of course, will bring up more COVID-19 restrictions, but the school is hopeful. A week prior to the graduation ceremony, Project Graduation will be holding an outdoor cookout to celebrate the end of the seniors’ high school career. Said celebration will be held at Bowen Field.

Patty Douthat, head of Project Graduation, mentioned a parade that the parents of the graduating seniors will be hosting. GHS Principal Brad Carr followed up on that and said, “Project Grad parents have also planned a parade again [like the year prior] and are working on yard signs as well.” The parade will be held on May 26.

Due to COVID-19, restrictions will be put in place for all three events, but they will not be as strict as last year. Masks, social distancing, and a restricted number of people are required at the graduation ceremony. As for the Project Graduation celebration, only seniors and chaperones will be allowed to attend. As per Mrs. Douthat, masks will be recommended but not required due to the cookout being outdoors. Attendance for the celebration will be set for 250 maximum. Attendance for the graduation ceremony will be 1,000 people, but that is only if weather permits the ceremony to be outside. The regulations have not been said for the parade yet, but social distancing is to be expected. Masks may be only recommended due to the parade being outside.

Some seniors are excited for the year to end and for college to begin. Others are nostalgic of the fun they had their four years in high school. Jordan McFarland, senior and varsity cheerleader, said that it’s really bittersweet for her to be graduating this year. “Starting a new chapter is exciting,” said the soon graduate.

“There will be 100 seniors graduating this year,” says Principal Carr. He, and all the other staff, are working to encourage the seniors to finish strong to end the year.