Seniors speak about their plans after graduation

After May 28, senior students set their plans for the summer and after graduation into action. Seniors have had a rough year, so some have planned some fun and relaxing activities planned for the summer. Then some other seniors are more focused on school or working and some don’t have anything planned for the summer.

Some seniors are planning to start working over the summer before going to college. Working before college can teach students how to be independent and handle difficult situations on their own. When students start to work they learn life skills like budgeting, paying bills, maintaining employment, handling difficult social situations, and increasing their assertiveness. These skills will give students a leg up in the college world and help them keep their focus on their education rather than scrambling to learn them before they graduate and are thrust into the world.

Students working before college can find themselves. Students can learn about their strengths and weaknesses and areas in their life that they might need to improve. Also, some students who work decide in today’s world that college is not for them and remain in the workforce. One senior, Alex Ramsey, said that he plans “to work at Peters Equipment, a metal fabrication shop, over the summer.”

Senior students also plan on spending more time with their families and friends over the summer. A couple of seniors who had jobs during their junior year plan on not working so many hours over the summer. Some don’t have anything planned for the summer, but they want to focus on themselves and enjoy the summer. Abby Gasperson said, “I plan on spending my summer with my friends and family and making the best out my ‘last’ summer.”

Seniors have plans for traveling or taking small trips over the summer. Some plan on going to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A couple of seniors plan on going to Myrtle Beach or Daytona Beach for the summer. Some seniors plan taking trips to other countries or take road trips through other states. Lyndsey Austin said, “[I plan to] just enjoy the summer the most I can. Not working too many hours so I’ve got time to enjoy summer with my friends and family before I leave. Couple of small trips planned so far.”

Seniors can’t wait for college because they can get internships for their jobs or to further their education. Some can’t wait for college because then they can further their sports careers. Kara Murphy said that “ I already got accepted to go to East Tennessee State and I’m still waiting on word from Virginia Tech. In either school I would study criminology and they both offer internships into FBI headquarters.”